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We believe that all Canadians deserve financial independence which is why we want to hear your voice. With the rapid change in technology, government and fiscal policy, use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robo Advisors, unlimited investment options, and all types of negative news, no wonder why Canadians fall short of their financial goals.

At Aspire Finance we are going to listen closely to understand your story, provide you with unique strategies, show you different ways to get there, and guide you in the right direction. We will only rest after you and your family achieve your short, medium, and long term financial goals. Just in case life throws you a curveball, Francis will be there to adjust your financial plan and keep you ahead of the curve.

Francis works around the clock to ensure clients are not only on the right track to achieving their financial goals, but to ensure they are educated on the many choices we as Canadians have today. Whether you reside in Niagara, Toronto, Guelph, London, geographically we have you covered. Technology is on our side. New to Canada, not an issue, we will prepare you for success and make you feel comfortable.


Afraid that technology is going to negate you from seeing Francis? Don’t worry, Francis will visit clients annually, at a minimum. At the cottage, need to catch a flight and your stuck at the airport, or it’s one of those lovely Canadian flurries keeping you indoors, Francis will be of service.

From time to time you may feel the need to offer this incredible service to family, friends, and colleagues so they too can enjoy the many benefits. That is how we prefer to connect with new clients. Francis is committed to keeping your business confidential, and he always handles new introductions with extra care.

Whether your a business owner, key executive, retired, or ready to conquer life, Francis loves to work with folks from all walks of life, and does. One more thing, worried your advisor is getting up there in age, no need to worry, Francis has that working in his his favour too.

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Set up an introductory meeting with Francis. In case your wondering…there is no cost or obligation to you. Feel free to use text, Skype, email, whats app, video conference, or the old fashion pick up the phone and dial.

COVID-19 UPDATE: Francis will be meeting all clients virtually, via skype or other means. Keep your distance and wash your hands with soap on a regular basis so we can get back to hand shakes, high fives, and good times!




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Francis joined MDG and associates in 2020 as a mortgage agent. We offer a full range of services which eliminates the need to deal with multiple financial professionals. We are your all encompassing one stop shop. Francis will explain the mortgage planning process to you and guide you through one of the most important financial decisions of your life.

Whether you require financing for a principal home, cottage, rental opportunity, or need a private mortgage for a remote property, etc. we will get the job done in a timely manner.

We can also help you in obtaining financing for a commercial property. Another benefit dealing with Francis is his extensive network of other financial professionals. Let’s say you don’t have a trusted lawyer to use to purchase that commercial property.
Don’t sweat it, Francis can introduce you to a range of professionals.

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"Francis is a hard working professional who has gone above and beyond to provide top-notch financial planning advice. He is friendly, flexible and well versed in strategic financial planning, retirement planning and wealth management. I would recommend him to anyone looking for spot-on results."
Andrea C. HR Manager

"If you are looking for a comprehensive planner I would recommend you take the time to meet with Francis. He diligently applies the planning process to each clients unique situation and regularly accesses our advance financial planning team. If you are transitioning a business, moving through retirement or trying to maximize your estate Francis can help you review your options."
Brent A, CFP FMA

"Francis is a very professional, knowledgeable, and caring individual who is dedicating in producing financial results. He is experienced in all areas of financial planning and has done an excellent job planning a successful future for me."
Derek S. Finance Manager


- Does your financial advisor offer comprehensive advice on investments only, insurance only, or is he/she full service? - Is your financial advisor proactive in bringing strategies and solutions to fulfil your financial goals? - Have you had an in depth discussion about the fees pertaining to your investments and do you understand them? - Can you introduce a friend, family member, or colleague so they too can receive the many benefits Aspire Finance has to offer. - Does your financial advisor respond in a timely manner to your texts, emails, phone calls, and other means of communications? - Does Francis only represent one mortgage company or can he get you quotes from any company? - Which insurance companies does Francis represent?